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Kiln Dried or Seasoned March 12, 2015 19:24

Why is kiln dried firewood the best choice?

There are a number of reasons as to why kiln dried firewood is the best choice for the consumer.

  • Your kiln dried logs will burn efficiently. Green wood can have a moisture content of 50 percent or more, and will not burn efficiently. Consumers who try to burn wet wood can damage the flu of their burners, create a lot of smoke, and pollute the air. This is damaging to the environment and to be avoided at all costs.
  • Your kiln dried logs will be consistently dry. Kiln dried firewood will be dried throughout, whereas naturally air-dried firewood can have inconsistent moisture levels.  Wood placed at the centre of a wood stack can still be high in moisture, while wood on the outside of the stack appears is ready to burn.
  • Your kiln dried logs are guaranteed to burn. While the cost will be slightly higher than green wood that has been naturally seasoned, you can be sure that your logs will light quickly and easily. With a low moisture content (less than 20 percent), your kiln dried wood will produce more heat per kilogram, ultimately making the benefits economical.
  • Your kiln dried logs will be free of insects and mould.  Wood that has been left outside for some time will naturally attract insects, which you will most certainly notice when preparing your fire. Kiln dried firewood is cleaner and healthier for your home.
  • Your kiln dried logs are ready whenever you are. If you have left it late in the season to purchase your firewood you need not worry – the kiln dried logs are instantly ready and require no seasoning. When customers run out of firewood in the middle of winter they are at risk of being sold firewood that has not been properly seasoned.  With our high quality kiln dried product, customers can rest easy even when they get caught short at peak times.