About Us

 Bone Dry Logs is an independent supplier of premium wood fuel products to the domestic market that fills the need for a reliable supplier of firewood. We promptly deliver ready to burn products in a tidy fashion and will continue to deliver the same quality of product time and time again.

Most firewood products are delivered unseasoned, or at best partially seasoned, and may be mixed with fresh cut logs or bits of wood that don't burn. These deliveries also often comprise of large and misshapen bits that don’t fit in the fire and are awkward to handle. Furthermore these products can take weeks to be delivered after ordering and are usually tipped onto your driveway with other debris.

Our Bone Dry Logs are both dry and are instantly ready to burn. We deliver exactly what it says on the tin; clean dry firewood that is value for money. The Bone Dry Log Company can offer you a full range of wood fuel products including properly seasoned hardwood. We believe our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are the best value product for our customers as they are the most economic and produce the most heat.

To complement our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs we sell Wood Briquettes, which are compressed hardwood and softwood sawdust briquettes, manufactured without additives. These briquettes have a very low moisture content and are denser than logs therefore burn at a higher temperature last longer to give a clean burn.  All our products are sourced from managed sustainable forests.