Corvid Restrictions and Palletised Delivery


Delivery is free for all orders , due to corvid restrictions all orders will be palletised and managed by third party pallet delivery networks such as Palletways , Freightroute and others  

Pallet trucks can only be used on firm, level ground such as concrete, tarmac or mono block pathways  

Terrain must be relatively level to operate the tail-lift or pallet trolly ,if the driver considers the delivery unsafe which will be at his total discretion he will deliver kerbside in a safe manor nearest your premises . 

 The driver is contracted to deliver to the kerbside only, so it’s up to the individual driver if he/she is able or willing to wheel the pallet closer to where you would like it. The drivers are on a tight schedule and won’t always have the time to spend wheeling the pallet long distances, onto driveways or into garages etc. Pallets are also very heavy and the driver will not be able to wheel a tonne of wood fuel on anything other than flat, level concrete or tarmac. It isn’t possible to move pallets on gravel, grass, cobbles or slopes.

Please contact us if you have any access  problems  01828628775