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Std Bulk Bag 

Bulk bags are filled to the top with kiln-dried hardwood, the weight varies as the logs are dried to between 10%-20 %moisture and the density of species used (softwood is less dense than hardwood), therefore you are not paying for weight which is normally water in seasoned wood and in particular semi-seasoned or green wood 

Giant Nets  giant nets 2m/3 (approx 3 bulk bags ) hopper filled kiln dried hard wood wrapped and strapped on to pallet.

Double Bag 1.6m3 (approx 2 Bulk Bags ) hopper filled wrapped and strapped on pallet

Crate 1m3
Weight varies depending on the actual moisture content but averages 450 /500KG
Dimensions vary slightly by supplier are external and average 118x85x108 =1.08m3 115x83x115=1.1m3

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